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If you're new to Small School, these free courses will give you a first taste into the important topics of running a successful creator education business. You'll not just level up, but you'll also get a sense of how we teach here. Try them out!

Why do we take pride in being small?

It is important to dream big.

But when it comes to the execution, most people overthink, do too much, move too slowly, etc.

Building Small

This is why they don’t get the results they want.

If you want to build an education business that brings impact to more and more people, you have to make “building small” your default.

You start small. You stay small. You solve one thing at a time. Your priortize taking action. You iterate quickly.

Our concise and actionable Small Courses will help you focus on leveling up on one specific skill or part of your business so that you can quickly shift your focus back to the most important thing - growing your business and serving your people.

Selfishly, I also hope that you’ll adopt the “Small” mindset to create easy-to-follow learning experiences for your people.

Small Courses

Here are our concise and actionable courses to help you level up on one thing at a time.

Mastery Courses

At times, we’ll take you on a journey to pick up certain transformative topics, and that’s where Mastery Courses come in.

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