It is all too easy

The creator economy is growing fast. To teach these days, all you need is a computer, the Internet, and the ability to put together information.

But that’s also why most of online education is broken with all the bad players. They want to whip out a course and become the next overnight success. I’d say only 5% of those who sell information care about what they share and if their students are successful.

If you want to run a successful education business, you have to be part of those 5%.

This is where Small School comes in

We are creating a place where creator educators learn how to offer unreasonable learning experiences.

We want to give students:
→ The highest value per minute
→ The courage to do, not to learn
→ The care and feedback they need

Compact. Concise. Close.

You belong here if you are serious about building a creator education business. 

• You genuinely care about the topic you teach.
• You focus on the craft of your knowledge more than landing brand deals and sponsorships.
• You get a sense of thrill when someone thanks you for your teaching.

Are you a creator educator?

Today, there are many types of creators. You can write, game, or even dance your way to become a successful creator.

You are a "creator educator" if you nod to these:

  • You actively create and publish educational content for a specific group of people
  • You sell info products, memberships, or coaching offers to grow your business
  • You operate like a school managing everything from marketing to sales to delivering educational experiences

Whether you are just starting or you already have thousands of students, you will still find Small School shaping you to be a better creator educator.

The Small School way

This is how we guide you to offer unreasonable learning experiences.

↪ We have Small Courses that are concise and actionable to help you focus on one specific skill or one essential part of your business.

↪ We have Mastery Courses that cover bigger transformative topics.

↪ We have Studio to bring creator educators together to bounce ideas and support one another in our journeys.

Kevon with Find Joy in Chaos

"I usually get annoyed when a course is full of videos, but your videos are so much better than pretty much every course I’ve done, including university!

Your content is short and sharp with just the right amount of truth bombs and actionable content.

People won’t know that unless they get the chance to watch the magic in action."

Sonia Whiteley
Sonia Whiteley


"I've taken hundreds of online courses (and I've also made a few online courses myself), and this is by far the most value per minute of any course I've seen.

I love the way you distilled the information into super short clear points and provided exercises to implement what we learn right away.

It's truly brilliant, and I learnt a lot about course building just by taking your course - it's such a great example of what a course should be."

Aishi Jiang
Aishi Jiang


Kevon with Build in Public framework

How did I get here?

I first created Internet assets like forums and websites when I was 13. Then in my career, I spent four years running a kids’ coding school. But it never ever crossed my mind that I could be someone blending creation and education.

At the end of 2020 during the global pandemic, I gave it another attempt to share what I know online. I took 2 months to create the Build in Public free guide and 2,100 people read it in the first 3 days! In the next 3 years, 40,000 entrepreneurs read it.

Through that period, I was leading a movement that changed how people share and market themselves. This is something I could never have imagined.

With an audience interested in what I share, I started teaching.

But I didn't know how to teach so I had a dead-simple approach - I threw all the information I knew at my students. In my mind, I wanted to turn everyone into me! I got so frustrated when my students didn’t get it.

Over time, I realized I was doing it all wrong. That wasn’t teaching. That was presenting.

Since then, I've been diving deep into the art of structuring information, creating concise lessons, and designing ways to encourage actions. I find these hard things in education to be fun and challenging. I love it! 

Kevon's family

The other side of me

People often think I look young (Mom and Dad, thank you!), but I’m actually an old soul. I am calm and steady.

Other than business, you’ll see me talk about my family and my two daughters the most. Maybe it is the teachers in us (my wife is also a teacher). We enjoy observing and guiding our girls. Ever since having them, I have shifted my life goal. Now all I want to do is to help my girls find what they are excited about in life and relentlessly pursue them!

That’s a little bit about me. You can see there are a ton of overlaps between how I run my life and my business.

It is important to me to run a business that is honest and transparent. This is why my registered company name is Transparent Lab Limited. I’m not interested in shortcuts and manipulative tricks. I prefer to stay focused on helping the people around me.

Now, go explore Small School and enjoy your time here! I’ll see you around!

What I’ve learned

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