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With this 45-page Google doc, you'll take a deep dive into my exact steps and strategies to reach $100,000 revenue with 82% in product sales (courses, book, and community).

You'll also learn:
→ How to start from absolute zero
→ How to use the reach of your voice
→ #1 Misconception of social content
→ Art of building up buzzing traction
→ Secrets in bridging social & email
→ How to truly compound your influence

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"Ya’ know, Kevon, from the moment we "met," I IMMEDIATELY thought of you as one of the most honest, transparent, authentic, refreshing online business owners of our time."

Dr. Sandi Eveleth

United States

"Kevon's case study is actually a breath of fresh air. what I liked about it is his transparency, and he's not promising you 100K in 90 days like most educational creators."

Natasha Samuda
Natasha Samuda

United States

Too many experts sell you the dream of making $100,000 in weeks even when you have no experience and audience. Do you believe them?

I don't.

I wrote this case study because I've built up my online education business from scratch one step at a time. It is not an overnight success at all.

My build-up story, showing you my thought processes and strategies, will give you some pointers in your own journey.