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Content Creation

August 15, 2022

Fuel Framework: 4 Simple Steps to Tell Your Best Stories on Social Media

Kevon Cheung

Founder & Head Teacher

It is hard to get people to read your content or tweets, right?

Maybe you're thinking:

  1. "I don't have anything meaningful to share with everyone online."
  2. "People don't find my posts valuable!"

I can say that's a very common first thought, because almost every one of my students tell me this. But then I want to also tell you that this is not because you have nothing good to say.

It is very likely it is because you're not telling your stories the right way.

In Build in Public Mastery, I have a lot of frameworks and strategies for you. And this one is literally one of my favorites! Once you see stories this way, you cannot go back to writing tweets randomly.

This is the FUEL framework.

It is a storytelling framework that embraces the Build in Public spirit.

FUEL doesn't just make your stories a lot more authentic, it also helps to arouse the curiosity of people so they want to read the whole story.

It is how you get 90%+ of people to resonate with your stories.

Let me explain the 4 parts to you.

1. Facts

Most content on Twitter is what I call "wisdom bombs".

They're inspirational. They're dry. They give no context. They might get lots of likes or retweets, but readers don't get to learn about you.

To bring them close to you, you want to include some kind of numbers, screenshots, or exact quotes.

This is the best way to make your content more story-like because it really happened.

2. Unfold

You can write the best tweet but if you don't have a super strong opening line, you lose them.

You only have 2 seconds to grab their attention!

You can give a shocking fact, make a bold statement, or challenge common beliefs. Once they nod to your opening line, they'll finish the rest.

3. Emotion

Most written content is not being read because ... they're boring.

If you don't write your emotions out, people cannot feel you. If they cannot feel you, they don't resonate with your stories.

There are many emotions you can use. The 7 most common ones are: joy, sadness, surprise, anger, fear, disgust, contempt.

4. Learnings

People love to learn. If they don't learn anything from your stories, they won't want to read more from you.

So always wrap up your stories with your learnings, your piece of advice, your answer to your mistakes, etc.

Make sure people have something to take away from reading your content.

Okay, is FUEL a little too abstract for you now?

Let me show you an example. This one is brilliant because within one short tweet, you get to see all 4 parts in action.

And of course ... 793 likes!

A kind reminder

Although this sounds like the perfect storytelling technique to write your tweets, I'd suggest to not overuse it.

If every one of your posts follow these 4 steps, your audience can feel that you're using emotion or even vulnerability to hook them in. This could become annoying.

This means you don't need to use FUEL for every tweet, but if you can share one FUEL story every week, it will help you grow faster on Twitter.

If you enjoy this framework, you'll likely enjoy the other strategies and frameworks I teach at Build in Public Mastery. Check out if a new cohort is coming up.

Now, go write your first FUEL story!

If you're interested in knowing how to collect and generate lots of ideas as ingredients for your FUEL stories, you can get my 5-step content creation system to write 20 tweets in 60 minutes.

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My 5-Part System

Creating content can be a heavy lift but if you can break down the process into smaller steps, it is a lot more enjoyable. In 5 mins, I’ll show you what the 5 steps are.

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My 5-Part System

Creating content can be a heavy lift but if you can break down the process into smaller steps, it is a lot more enjoyable. In 5 mins, I’ll show you what the 5 steps are.

Download for Free