Learning is only effective when you apply it

And yet, this is what we forget all the time.

It is one thing to buy a course to learn how someone else tackles a problem. It is another thing to distill the learning so you can tackle your problem uniquely.

Where can you get help?

If you are like most committed learners, you also find it helpful when someone ahead of you answers your questions. Or when you see the behind-the-scenes of how people on the same journey think through and work out a hard problem.

But it is extremely hard to have a dedicated place to go and have these deep conversations and meaningful exchanges. You need a place that gathers people with the same ambitions and struggles. And you need an environment that is safe and supportive.

So, where do you go?

This is why we have Studio

It is the membership of Small School.

Think of it as a cozy place where you get the full experience. Or if you see our courses as French fries, Studio is ketchup to bring out the best flavor.

1. Meet peers with the same ambition

You can find like-minded peers who are also working on a business to share their knowledge. They love to create and absolutely love to educate.

If you enjoy the Small School style that is concise, easy, and friendly, history tells us that the people you’ll meet in Studio carry the same DNA as you.

2. Get coaching anytime

Instead of paying for a one-off coaching session, you pay the same price and get a full year of access to Kevon who is always present in Studio and live calls to answer your questions.

The best part? Over time, the community knows your story and context so you’ll get better personalized feedback.

3. Build the courage to do

Small School is about doing, not just learning.

You’ll get to participate in lightweight activities and get things done. Just to name a few: month-long sprints, mastermind sessions, demo days.

Members of Campus get priority access to all courses and workshops.

4. Gain priority access to everything

You always get priority access to all our courses and workshops.

This also means you are getting them at a lower rate because we love doing early bird and tiered pricing for our new courses.

"Thanks for organising the Sprint  - it helped me quite a bit on the accountability side of things 👍"

Maxwell Davis

Singapore /  Creator

"I felt like I couldn’t compete with the sea of experts on social media and I struggled to give “wisdom bombs” and generic health advice. Build in Public Mastery helped me realize that I could share the story of going from an offline coach to an online health coach. Now I’m not afraid to post my experiments online. I can be myself. And people will still be supporting me."

Javier Luis Gomez

Philippines / Health Coach

Join Campus, the membership of Small School

How to join

I want you to be sure that joining Studio is the right decision for you, and we also want to make sure we get the right people in this community space.

So here’s how it works:

  1. You first put down $10 to reserve a spot in Studio.
  2. In the next 14 days, we’ll share a few resources with you.
  3. On the 15th day, you’ll receive a link to join. This gives you time to decide whether Studio is the right fit for you. If you decide that it is not, I’d be very glad to hear.

"You know, honestly, Kevon, my favorite part is the energy that you bring to this. It's friendly and professional. You are actually an excellent example of a kind of personality who is accessible, who plans very well, and who models the kinds of things that you're talking about."

Marko Schmitt

United States / Coach & Ex-CEO

"I feel like the office hours and the access to Kevon is like having a personal coach. Whenever I have a question, Kevon gives the most thoughtful answers and he gives answers from a very holistic point of view, things I would not have even expected. He doesn't just answer that question at a surface literal level, but he understands what the core essence of it is."

Jenny Messerle

United States / Artist & Creator

Studio Annual Membership


Come to Studio for a full year

Enjoy access to Kevon & creator-educators and get direct feedback

Join our twice-a-month group calls

Participate in our lightweight activities to get things done

Gain priority access & discounted rate to all our courses and workshops

Lock in the current rate and not worry about price increase

Cancel at any time.

$10 to Reserve a Seat

Still have questions?

How active is Kevon in Studio?

Where is the membership hosted?

What are the times of live calls and events?

Can I get a refund if I’m not satisfied with the membership?