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Build in Public Definitive Guide 2024

The secrets to building successful products with a raving audience
Kevon Cheung

Why build in public?

It is hard.

The business world today is insanely competitive and it is harder than ever to stand out. If you are a big brand, you have a large advertising budget to play with. Good for you.

But what if you are an entrepreneur or a small business owner? Do you still stand a chance?

Oh yes, absolutely. You can take advantage of what we value so much these days: community, authenticity, and personal connections. You can build a beloved, profitable business by staying close to your people.

That’s where build in public comes in.

If you do it right,

  • You can get early validation for a new idea from direct feedback
  • You can increase your chance of success
  • You can have a group of early raving fans to spread the word
  • You can create a trustworthy brand and a strong moat
  • You can enjoy the serendipity by showing your open work
  • You can have accountability and recognition for your best work

This is why you see more and more people creating raw, open, and honest content. We crave it. We need it.

Who’s Kevon Cheung?

You might be wondering who you’re reading from. No worries, nice meeting you here!

I’m Kevon and I first wrote this guide in late 2020 when I stumbled upon the term “Build in Public”. Honestly, I fell in love with this mindset, strategy, framework, whatever you call it because it resembles the values that I embrace in my life.

Over the years, I’ve studied, created, and refined my own approach based on this concept of building your products in public. I went from telling people to share their ups and downs to teaching entrepreneurs a framework to grow and involve their audience in the building process.

This free guide has been read by 30,000 people the last time I checked. I have made it completely public since day one because I’d love more people to pick up this new approach. I also update this guide every year because it is my first ever project in this journey and I’m forever grateful for what this guide has brought me.

My work today is reaching tens of thousands of people every year. I’ve taught and coached hundreds of entrepreneurs through my programs. I know it wouldn’t be possible if I hadn’t been building it all in public.

If you’re curious, you can read more on my About page.

What you’ll learn

This guide is for:

  • Entrepreneurs who want to scale their influence with their voice
  • Creators who want to involve their raving fans in what they do
  • Product builders who want a fast feedback loop to build the right products
  • Small business owners who want to grow a community to scale their business
  • Aspiring entrepreneurs who want to grow an audience and find a business direction in parallel

In the next sixty minutes, you’ll become a public-minded entrepreneur who is confident in showing your work to connect with the people around you. You’ll start to grow your community and that will fuel your business growth.

Here are the topics you’ll dive into:

  • Chapter 1. The Upside
  • Chapter 2. The Public Framework
  • Chapter 3. How You Build in Public
  • Chapter 4. Where You Build in Public
  • Chapter 5. The Magic of Storytelling
  • Chapter 6. Connecting the Dots
  • Chapter 7. Common Struggles
  • Chapter 8. Your Next Steps

I’m going to provide you with a cheat sheet in the last chapter so that you have a step-by-step guide to follow. I recommend you to finish reading this guide first and take lots of notes, then you can use the cheatsheet as your compass to take action.

If you want to get it now, you can also click here to download the cheatsheet.

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