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We help creators develop, market, and deliver world-class Small Courses.

We help creators develop, market, and deliver world-class Small Courses.

It is the fastest way to share your knowledge and create raving fans.

What’s stopping you from productizing your knowledge and building a business?

Small steps

Do you understand what your audience wants? Are you bringing students small wins all the time? Do you have a clear path for them to follow?

You can put your head down, create more content, and build more digital products, but this won’t lead to the business you want to run.

It took me years to get past the stage I described to you. If you want to be successful, you can’t just present information. Instead, you must change people with your knowledge and get them to take action.

But there is a bigger challenge

What separates an entrepreneur running a successful education business and a creator selling digital products is an education business model. You want to have a predictable system to take students on a learning journey and generate revenues.

My goal here is to give you the right, small steps so that you can tackle one thing at a time. One day when you scale your education business to a level where you feel accomplished, I wouldn’t mind a thank you card from you!

Small School is different

If there is abundant information, mostly free, on the Internet about how to sell your knowledge, why should you care?

Exactly why you are here. Information alone is not enough. Real learning happens when you can apply the knowledge you just picked up in your specific situation. Let’s just say most information out there is inspiring but not helpful.

Other than teaching well, what we do here is to walk the talk and show you what unreasonable learning experiences look like. You’ll also discover that “building small” should be the default for everyone serious about growth.

You’ll find a lot of free resources as well as paid courses here to help you. If you can use the free ones to level up, I’d be super happy for you! Don’t feel like you must buy something to be part of this small movement.

Where to start

You can first read the case study based on the build-up story of my first $100,000 running a creator education business.

It is a 5-chapter documentary showing you the key thought processes and turning points I experienced in my early days starting from 0. You’ll realize it is never an overnight success but a journey with small, intentional steps.

When you get the case study, you’ll also be subscribed to the Small School newsletter (that you can unsubscribe anytime). 

Read Case Study

Welcome to Small School

Let me give you a school tour! It is is a small school, but I want to make sure you know where to go.

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Kevon Cheung
Founder & Head Teacher

Kevon welcomes you to Small School