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We help creators develop, market, and deliver world-class Small Courses.

We help creators develop, market, and deliver world-class Small Courses.

It is the fastest way to share your knowledge and create raving fans.

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You are on a hamster wheel

You feel like you must always show up to attract new people to your business.

But the thing is — you have your expertise!

You should be able to leverage it and build a better system to attract leads, convert them, and make more money.

The old way of making educational content is not cutting it anymore. You need a new way.

Introducing Small Courses

Oh don’t get it wrong. It doesn’t mean a 5-min course or a cheap one.

A Small Course is a targeted experience where you use your expertise to solve one particular problem for your audience and get them a quick win.

Once you make that happen, you are always the go-to person for the topic. You are remembered. You are worth recommending.

Small steps

How to scale your expertise

A Small Course gives you an unfair advantage because you get to bring someone into a distraction-free environment and share your knowledge.

Whether it is a free or paid Small Course, you can reveal your character, win their trust, and bring them to your designated next step.

Welcome to the world of influence!

Where you can start

You can first read the case study based on the build-up story of my first $100,000 running a creator education business.

It is a 5-chapter documentary showing you the key thought processes and turning points I experienced in my early days starting from 0. You’ll realize it is never an overnight success but a journey with small, intentional steps.

When you get the case study, you’ll also be subscribed to the Small School newsletter (that you can unsubscribe anytime). 

Read Case Study

Welcome to Small School

Let me give you a school tour! It is is a small school, but I want to make sure you know where to go.

If you want to slowly get to know this school, I suggest you subscribe to our newsletter and podcast.

If you want to visit the library to see the most popular guides, I suggest you start with these:

If you are ready to take your first course, I suggest you take a look at our courses.

Kevon Cheung
Founder & Head Teacher

Kevon welcomes you to Small School

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