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Audience Building

September 20, 2023

How to Be Memorable

Kevon Cheung

Founder & Head Teacher


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Can I tell you why I hate growth hacks?

It is because while it is thrilling to get lots of people coming into your world, it is equally disappointing when lots of people are rushing out of your world.

Now can I tell you why I prefer to take my time to build my influence?

When people remember me, I can do so much more!

My community members often say, “I remember this person already. I don’t even need to read the landing page and I buy.”


I was thinking about the people I remember and what makes people remember me, so I want to share a few quick tips with you.

You can use a visual

When people see 🚢, they know it is the course, Ship 30 for 30.

When people see 🥦, they know it is me!

But do you know how I became the Broccoli guy?

I basically put the emoji up next to my name the first day I started getting active online in late 2020.

I didn’t overthink it.

I love broccoli. I like to mix business with fun and friendliness. That’s it.

They see it over and over again as they read my content.

They go to a supermarket or open their fridges and see broccolis, then they send me a picture!

One person even made me this ......

So meaningful or random, just pick something and use it repeatedly.

Make sure you don’t pick something like a “pen” which is not memorable by itself.

That’s how you create a visual brand association.

You can use a catchphrase

Besides visuals like emojis, I notice many people use catchphrases.

I stumbled upon this YouTuber, Alvin Olano, a few months back. Well, he has a ton of swag in how he shows up, that caught my eye. After watching a few of his videos, I kept hearing and seeing the phrase "Nobody asked, but..."

Oh no, stuck in my head!

Another creator, Sun Yi, tackles a lot of false beliefs on Instagram.

His videos and carousels always end with "I never thought of it that way." He basically owns this line now.

So yeah, it works for words too.

It all boils down to repetition.

I’d be honest that I’m currently seeking my own catchphrase. I haven’t found it but I’m paying attention to the words that I use very often when I talk to people already.

Once you have a visual and a catchphrase, are you all set?

Nope! As an educator, I think there’s one best way to make sure people remember you forever.

You get them to take one small action

The best way to be remembered is by helping people achieve one thing in their lives.

You know, too many course creators squeeze everything they know into their courses.

Or they create templates that people look at for 5 minutes and quickly abandon.

That’s really not how you build trust!

In the last 3 years of teaching, I've learned that just by consuming content or watching videos, people don’t remember you at all. You’re like this random pedestrian in their lives.

But they remember you when you play a remarkable part in their lives.

Okay, in real life, if you offer your day to help a friend move her house, she will remember you forever.

Or if you see a stranger dropping his phone and you run 10 blocks to give it back to him, he will remember you forever.

In education or coaching, it is all about taking action.

They want your help because they want change in their lives.

So forget about teaching everything, you only need to guide them to take one small action. When they experience the results quickly, they credit that to you and remember you forever.

For example, in my free Making Twitter Friends email course, I shared quick tips like focusing on people with less than 600 followers and updating profiles in a certain way.

It is such a small action that they can do it within the next 60 minutes, and a lot of them come to me and ask why this isn’t a paid course.

That mini course not just brings a lot of people into my world, but it creates a ton of trust.

If you want to learn how to create a super actionable course that brings in 3,000 students into my world who turn into raving fans, I created Email Course Engine to help you do it.

Oh, if you are not ready to build a course, think about my “moving house” example. You can literally help someone 1:1 and still get remembered forever.

Let’s sum it up

  1. Do you now have an unconventional visual to represent you?
  2. Do you now have a catchphrase to represent you?
  3. Do you have a systematic (hopefully automatic too) way to help someone take a small action?

Voila! You are on your way to be remembered forever!