I'm finally starting a podcast!

March 29, 2024

I want to share with you my hesitation and decision to start a podcast after running my business solo for 4 years.

I am reflecting on the high-effort expectations I have for content creation and how I'm going to take a simple approach to improve how you can enjoy my content.

I've realized that at the core of a piece of content, it is the message. The studio set up and the fancy editing are less important. Once I come to this, I regain my joy in producing video and audio content like this one. It feels like a breeze!

Episode Goodies

0:00 Introduction and Podcast Hesitation

01:54 Realization and Simplification

03:47 Audience Engagement and Content Strategy

04:38 Newsletter Fatigue and New Beginnings

06:02 Conclusion and Future Plans

Episode Transcript

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Hey guys, Kevon here. So for the longest time, I've been holding off doing a podcast. And the main reason is because I don't want to add another thing to my plate. I am someone who likes to focus. And I know that when I add more, I'm just going to go off track and then things would get messy. So this is the fourth year I've been running this business alone.

For the first three years, I'm doing a lot of exploration, but now I think, okay, maybe it's time to put my heart into doing a podcast, which of course, I'm putting this on YouTube as well, but like solo talk. So in this episode. I want to talk about why I'm doing this right now and how I think about it.

You know, for the longest time. I always associate doing a YouTube channel or like a podcast, like a very high effort type of thing, because we want high production value, right? We look at all these big creators out there, or just big entrepreneurs out there, and they have these amazing quality videos and audio all the time.

So I thought, okay, if I want to do it, I want to do it really well. And that means I need a lot of effort. Or even money before I start.

I basically need to get myself ready for that. And I started my YouTube channel maybe a year and a half ago, and I did use that mentality to run it. So each of the video was quite high production, I would script a video. I would plan, I would shoot, I would edit it later. I even hire a video editor to do it, but you can see that this is getting quite out of hand because things get more complicated and things get more time consuming.

So instead of just me wanting to share something out loud with you guys, It becomes a very heavy job. that was my biggest, you know, obstacle from starting a podcast, like where I'm just talking. But then recently I realized that. It doesn't matter. I have been looking at this all wrong.

And the whole thing started because I recorded a video called I'm leaving building in public.

And that was a huge video because, you know, for the first three years of my journey, I was focusing on the concept building in public. So that was me just pouring my heart out, sharing where I'm going. In the new future and share my thoughts, share my plan, share my decision making, just the little things that goes into.

Yeah, making a call like that. And for that video, I didn't do much editing other than just cutting out the pauses and you know, the, filler words we call it like, um, the, like those. I wanted to keep it simple because the message is the most important. And I don't want people to be distracted by all the effects and all that.

And the thing that I realized is that my audience received it really well. I think for the first week I got like 700 views on YouTube. That was the most views that I ever get in any video. Because maybe I was trying too hard to do like the how to videos. So that got me thinking. When we are someone who is like sharing knowledge, trying to teach other people how to do certain things, was trying to share.All the extra fancy editing, they're just upgrades. It always comes down to the message. Like what are we actually saying in that piece of content that is the most important. So then that's my realization. Like I've been comparing myself to a lot of the big creators out there. I assume I have to do it their way.

And even though I know that it doesn't have to be like that, but I still assume. So that's the hard part. But I think at this moment, I know that the key is in the knowledge is in the message. So for me, right at my stage, I have a bit of an audience. I have a bit of a business running, but I'm not like super crazy big.

For me to maybe get from a four to seven out of 10, I need to focus on the knowledge. I need to focus on the message. All the extra stuff is just upgrades. But maybe when I get to seven and I try to get to a nine. Then I can start having those upgrades because I know first impression or professionalism Production value those are still important.

I'm not saying those are not important. Overall, this is why I'm starting this I want a place for me to just you know, share my raw thoughts and Yeah, connect with you guys And I want to keep it very simple. it's just me talking, hopefully not for too long. And then I'll continue to share what I know with you guys.

But of course the other reason is that, you know, I've been writing my newsletter and a bunch of other emails for three years straight, very consistently. So I never really miss a week or something. I'm sensing that maybe because of the newsletter fatigue, like during COVID, a lot of people start newsletter, well, including myself, and we'd read a lot  and we're getting sick off just reading the same stuff over and over again. And then people sending so many emails. I cannot say I don't send a lot of emails.

But what I want to say is that I realize, having just one single channel to really connect with my audience feels a bit limiting right now to me, I have so much that I want to talk about, but then I need to just pick one per week to share through my newsletter.

That's quite sad. And also I like to write my newsletter in a very structured way. It cannot be very raw, like it wouldn't be nice, but in video, maybe I can start with raw. yeah, I think that's a new way for me to get in touch with you, connect with you. Hopefully, hopefully I will get more YouTube comments as I go on, because I think, yeah, it's easier to connect through video.

And maybe if you have a question, you can just drop it down there.And of course, I'm just going to start with this kind of talking videos. I, I think I can do it consistently for many, many years to come, because it's kind of fun actually.

I record this because I just want a market start for this project. And I will look at this as a project. I don't want to see it as the thing that I'll be doing this forever. That sounds horrible, but, um yeah, let's see how it goes. I don't even have a name for it. I'm a big fan of move fast and break things. The key is in a message, right?

So let's just kick it off and see where that goes and then come up with a name later. All right. So that's it for now. Yeah. Maybe I'll see you around. See you. Bye bye.