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Build a Challenge Masterclass

You'll grow a larger community and sell more when you run a challenge. But compared to what? A course!

Teaching online doesn't default only to having a course. Drawing from my experience running the Build in Public Sprint over the last 2.5 years,
I'll show you:

→ How to position a challenge in your education business
→ How to design an attractive challenge
→ What components you must include to drive action
→ The best tools I use to run it (mostly free tools)
→ How to grow your challenge with larger cohorts each time

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Build a Challenge Masterclass

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Find Joy in Chaos

Find Joy in Chaos

This is finally a different Twitter/X book that is not about cutting corners, getting followers quickly, or making fast money.

My book gives you an honest roadmap and actionable steps to designing and growing your online community.
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Email Course Engine

Have you ever asked yourself — what if you can have an asset so good that it organically brings more and more people into your world?

Between Mar 2021 and Feb 2023, my free email course, Making Twitter Friends, brought in 3,027 students to me without my active promotion.

I created this course to share everything I know in designing this important asset of mine.
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30 Build in Public Prompts

If you want to show your work but constantly overthink what to share, this Notion template can help you.

I've curated 30 different examples and added prompting questions to guide you to uncover the stories inside YOU.
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Easy Content Magic

Forget content marketing!

Chances are you're trying way too hard to position yourself as an expert of a topic. You're spending hours on a piece of social content that goes away in a few hours.

If you want to play the long game, you want an easy way to come up with endless content to share every day.

The magic is hidden in your own work! This 52-min video course unlocks it for you.
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Make Twitter Friends

You want to build a large audience. Fair. We all want that.

But the real challenge is how to begin when you're posting social content and all you hear is crickets.

The secret?

Stop thinking about building an audience. Behind every large audience, it is powered by a strong network of close friends.

Start with friends, then expand later.
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Kevon Cheung

I just really really really love sharing what I know

Hey - it's Kevon!

I started my online education journey because I didn’t want to be that “nobody” who worked so hard yet got nothing to show for. Through actively showing my work-in-progress and involving people in public, I’ve built a beloved community, launched multiple products, wrote a book, and created a life I enjoy living.

If you're looking for an expert to tell you the best advice ever, I'm probably not that person. I prefer to experiment new ways to grow my business and then share those learnings with you in the most transparent way.

I'm not sure where you are at in your journey, but if you think I can help you, then I'll do my best 💪