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I Was Struggling as a Health Coach. Build in Public Mastery Helped Me Find My Voice

This is written by Javier Luis Gomez (@javiiegomez)

I found my way into Build in Public Mastery (BIPM) at a critical point in my creator path.

In 2021, I was struggling as an online health coach, and I knew I needed to try something new. I decided to start writing and share my ideas about health. My goal was to attract people to my coaching. But I ran into a problem: There are already so many great health coaches posting their ideas online

I felt so small compared to the big fitness accounts


Javier's profile

The big coaches:

Big coaches' profiles

I developed intense imposter syndrome, and I felt stuck. 

I felt like I couldn’t compete with the sea of experts on Twitter and Linkedin. But then I found Kevon and his course- Build in Public Mastery. It gave me a whole new framework on how to share my ideas online. After going through the course, I’m ready to continue sharing my ideas online.

Here’s how Build in Public Mastery (BIPM) can help you in your online journey

BIPM gave me the courage to share the process, not only the finished product

The biggest accounts on Twitter focus on giving expert advice- they throw out ‘wisdom bomb’ after ‘wisdom bomb’

Big coaches put out wisdom bombs

Health advice from a coach with 55k followers!

And I thought that I had to copy them to succeed. But with 300 followers, it wasn’t working for me. After all, whose coaching advice would you prefer? The health coach with 300 followers or the health coach with 55k!

Javier used to do the same too

I knew something was off - but I couldn’t figure out what to do.

Build in Public Mastery helped me realize that I could share the story of becoming an ONLINE health coach. I have been a health coach for 10 years. I had great success with clients in-person. But I was still learning how to do this on the internet.

After Build in Public - I’m not afraid to post my experiments in online coaching

I found the courage to share my projects, and what I learned making them.

BIPM raised my bar for what an online course should be- and what I want to build myself someday

After one year into my creator journey, I’ve joined many online courses and cohorts. 

Many of them are passive experiences. You watch the videos, you do some exercises. It’s a big deal if they have small group accountability and interaction. 

Build in Public Mastery offers personalized feedback

But in Kevon’s BIPM, I got full personalized feedback and face-time with him throughout the course. He surprised me with the level of attention I got as a participant. Kevon gave me specific feedback on how I can build in public better. I could apply the ideas right away with his targeted advice.

When I build my own course, Kevon’s BIPM is the template I want to follow to make my students feel important and engaged.

BIPM taught me to support others and find support in my creator journey

When I joined Build in Public, I was looking for ways to market myself better.

What I did not expect was to connect with a fun, creative, and ambitious group of creators. Even though we’re all working on very different projects, those 3 weeks working, checking in, and learning together gave me a lot of support

Now I have a growing group of peer founders - all trying to build amazing things.

Build in Public helped me experience the power of surrounding yourself with other people at the same stage in your creator journey. We give each other a boost. We reply to and quote each other’s tweets. And I learned that it’s so much easier when you surround yourself with supportive people

When I look back, and think about how I was trying to do it all by myself- it feels so crazy!

BIPM helped align my product, my personality, and my writing

If I want to become a successful online health coach, I would need to take a unique approach to people’s health problems.

I struggled to give ‘wisdom bombs’ and generic health advice. That’s because I believe there is no quick-fix-one-size-fits-all approach to health. So the more I tried to sound like a know-it-all health coach, the more I felt inauthentic.

That approach was failing for me.

In BIPM, Kevon teaches you to show a little vulnerability. 

It’s all about being a real human person, interacting with friends, peers, and customers. By being open about your ups and downs, people start to follow your journey. That builds trust. They see that you’re committed to the process. They see that you want to be helpful. Those people become your superfans who show up and support your work- and even share it with their own networks!

In my case, Build in Public taught me to say: “I’m figuring out how to build lifelong health. Come along for that journey!” 

And if you’re interested in the problem, then I’m your guy!

Final Thoughts

Now I know that there are many ways to be successful online. And I’m grateful that I found Build in Public Mastery- an approach that fits my style. 

Once you find the courage to reach out, share your work, and build in public, people will be reaching out to you- telling you what they like and don’t like. Supporting you and encouraging you and helping you grow.

Build in Public showed me that I can be more than another health coach online. I can be myself. All while building my unique online business.

I documented my 21-day challenge in this thread from struggle to confidence if you want to check it out!

If you’re looking for an authentic way to grow your online business and presence, check out Kevon’s Build in Public Mastery course. (or even his profile!)

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