To celebrate the rebrand to Small School, we have a special for you (only June 11-14, 2024) →

Build in Public Mastery Scholarship

Hey there 👋

At Build in Public Mastery, we want to make our course more accessible to entrepreneurs in 2 groups:

  1. Entrepreneurs in developing countries
  2. Female entrepreneurs
It is important for us to have diversity in our program.

The goal of this scholarship is to help entrepreneurs and creators who want to learn how to build in public to grow their online business and community.

This doesn't mean a full scholarship because we know that a free course brings uncommitted students. You'll still pay a course fee at a minimum of US$250.

We will review applications chronologically, so apply as early as possible.

That being said, if you're someone who can afford the course, I encourage you to reserve these scholarship seats for the people who need them.

Lastly, we limit the number of scholarships offered in a period, so not all applicants will receive a scholarship.

It depends on how likely you'll make use of your newly acquired skill. A detailed application will increase your chance of getting your scholarship! ✨

Thank you & hope to meet you soon,

— Kevon