Grow an audience with your work and stories

If you give people a way to follow your journey, they will.

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Join our 4-week cohort to scale your digital leverage. We're here to give you the boost, guidance, and peer support you need.

Showing up on social media is exhausting!

You know that having a strong social presence and a beloved audience is the key to scaling your business these days. You've seen it working extremely well for others.

So you tried. You got online and started posting, but no one seemed to care. You didn't know what's the right way to show up and build your audience there.

You're confused because you are quite good with people. Oh! When it is in private ...

Worse, a lot of "experts" paint you that beautiful picture and sell you quick hacks to a large audience. You know that's not who you are, but you can't help but doubt yourself, “Maybe I don’t have what it takes.”

Does this happen to you?

You know who you are in real life, you just don’t know how to show it online

You often have a hard time coming up with new ideas to share

You don't want to post platitudes or generic advice. That's not you

When you have an idea, you’re afraid to get 0 engagement and people judge you

You don’t know how to invite people in. How do you get people to like and reply?

You always feel overwhelmed and lost like a wild goose chase

You have been spending way too much time on creating content

You are close to burning out and are on the verge of quitting

If this is you, you are like 90% of the people getting on social media. You’ve been painted the wrong picture, taught the wrong strategies, and placed in the wrong group on the Internet.

I would love to show you another way.

"I always thought I wasn’t good enough. That was the #1 reason I built most things in private. But Build in Public Mastery revealed that people are impressed with my skills and the ability to iterate quickly. Now I’m a confident creator putting my thoughts out there. This has been the biggest educational purchase I have done so far and I haven't regretted it."

Jannis Fedoruk-Betschki

Austria / Web Designer & Creator

"I felt like I couldn’t compete with the sea of experts on social media and I struggled to give “wisdom bombs” and generic health advice. Build in Public Mastery helped me realize that I could share the story of going from an offline coach to an online health coach. Now I’m not afraid to post my experiments online. I can be myself. And people will still be supporting me."

Javier Luis Gomez

Philippines / Health Coach

Why you want to show work-in-progress and stories

Traction Icon

You can generate early traction towards new products you’re working on

Feedback Icon

You can get early feedback to improve your products

Hand Icon

You can attract a growing audience ready to buy and spread the word

Voice Icon

You can build up a trustworthy brand that retains your customers

Extend Icon

You can extend your surface area online and attract new opportunities

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You can leverage your uniqueness. You are the only YOU in this world.

If you’re ready to show up authentically to scale your digital leverage, join us in Build in Public Mastery.

This program will change how you approach social media, audience building, and product development. We’re bringing solopreneurs and small teams the community-led growth framework that is popular among fast-growing startups like Notion, Canva, and Strava.

Instead of building in private and only showing the world when your product is ready, you’ll show your work as early as possible. You’ll involve your audience in public. And finally, you’ll use the signals and feedback to build the products they want.

This is how your business and audience grow in parallel.

Your journey with us

We are frustrated at video lessons that are pure lectures. Again, action > learning.

In our video lessons, you’ll be prompted to implement your learnings, reflect, and share with us in the community.

We love seeing you progress and win.

Module 0

Start You Off On This Public Path

Module 1

Reset What You Know About Social Media

Module 2

Document, Don’t Create

Module 3

Show Your Work to Serve the Community

Module 4

Involve Your Audience to Help You Build

  1. The more you involve, the faster you scale
  2. Put down this ONE thing
  3. Involving in public vs involving in private
  4. Create a flywheel and go 200km/hour
  5. How to handle all sorts of public feedback
Module 5

Flow People From Social to Email

  1. The ideal social presence (40-20-20-20)
  2. How to optimize your social profiles to bring people into your email list
  3. What to do with an email list of any size (even with 5 subscribers)
  4. Design a Strategic Invitation to bring people closer
  5. How to leverage emails after launching your product
Module 6

Systemize to Maximize Your Impact

  1. A good system allows you to get derailed
  2. Introducing DOCS: Your Content Creation Flow
  3. Introducing BROC: Your Community Engagement System

What’s included in our course

This is not your typical course experience. We run it in a way to maximize your action.

Let us show you what we've been cooking for you ↓

4-Week Cohort

You'll join us for an immersive 4-week experience to level up your building in public skills.

There will be an orientation and 3 live workshops covering the most important part of the course. There will also be plenty of time available for Q&A.

Join our waitlist to find out about the next cohort date.

Onboarding Call & Office Hour

You are in a different spot than another student. We know that. This is why you will have opportunities to share your specific situation to get personalized help from Kevon.

This means 1:1 onboarding call and group office hour.

Often times, one 30-min call can already set you up for success for the rest of the course. Take a look at these words from people who had a coaching call with Kevon.

A Longer Timeframe for True Learning

A lot of cohort-based courses sequeeze everything into 3-4 weeks and then you are on your own. We don't do that.

Beyond the 4 weeks, you have another 12 months in our community to practice and get support.

You'll also have access to:

12-month access to our membership, Studio, to get all the help you need from Kevon and peers

Private office hours twice a month

New masterclasses by Kevon & members

Member-led mastermind groups & coworking hours

A growing resource library of case studies, examples, templates, and guest interviews

Honestly, what did students say?

Enroll Today to Tell Your Awesome Stories!

There will be 12 seats in Cohort 12 (July 8, 2024 to August 2, 2024).


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Look behind the scene

Watch this video if you want to get a better look at the Build in Public Mastery program & community.

Who this program is for

Build in Public Mastery is ideal for product builders, creators, educators, and entrepreneurs.

You’re a good fit for this program:

If you want to build digital products to scale your digital leverage, this is for you.

If you enjoy working closely with the people around you to build products, this is for you.

If you want to play the long game instead of taking shortcuts, this is for you.

You’re NOT a good fit for this program:

If you don’t plan to build anything (as small as a freebie) in the next 6 months, this is NOT for you.

If you haven’t published a single word online, this is NOT for you.

If you prefer other ways to generate income e.g. Ads, Marketplace, SEO, this is NOT for you.

"One of the things I really liked about Build in Public was not being so concerned about the immediate result. I don't think things have to be that linear. Instead, it's more like building relationships and then yeah, some things will come out of that. So I absolutely, definitely got signups because of being more public."

Cathy Raffaele

Australia / Educator

"The thought of being so transparent just felt really overwhelming. My favorite part of being in the program was the different frameworks and tools that Kevon uses to Build in Public. Kevon is awesome. Good person and great heart. He'll gently guide you but also push you a little bit."

Melvin Varghese, PhD

United States / Psychologist & Podcaster & Creator

Hey friend,
I’m Kevon! 👋

I’m the founder and head teacher here to help you unlock your business potential by growing an audience that loves you and wants to help you.

People call me the “Build in Public guy”, but you’re likely wondering how everything unfolded. Back in November 2020, I left the software startup I co-founded. My 1st daughter arrived 2 months later. These significant events prompted me to rethink how work and family would align in my life moving forward.

Despite all my contributions in different companies, I was tired of being a nobody. Nothing was under my name. I wanted to start “compounding”. I knew how important it was to build myself a presence and a community, so that I could collaborate with and serve them.

When I stumbled upon “Build in Public”, I was struck by how closely it mirrored my life principles. At the same time, showing your work in public and growing an audience are clear growth drivers for businesses these days.

So I started building my first project, the “Build in Public Free Guide”, in public. I asked questions, helped people, gathered feedback, and refined the guide. I spent 2 months on it. When I launched it, 2,100 visitors from all across the world checked out my guide. Overnight, my Twitter/X following doubled. Overnight, I was known as the “Build in Public guy”. Everyone wanted to learn more. At that moment, I knew this is the new way to build products.

And you might have guessed, the rest is history! As of now, I’ve taught thousands of students how to build in public through my courses, community, and book. Build in Public Mastery is my home base to support entrepreneurs going from building alone to building publicly with their beloved audiences.

"You know, honestly, Kevon, part of my favorite part of the class is the energy that you bring to this. It's friendly and professional. You're actually an excellent example of a kind of personality on a social media channel who is accessible, who plans very well, and who models the kinds of things that you're talking about."

Marko Schmitt

United States / Coach & Ex-CEO

"I feel like the office hours and the access to Kevon is like having a personal coach. Whenever I have a question, Kevon gives the most thoughtful answers and he gives answers from a very holistic point of view, things I would not have even expected. He doesn't just answer that question at a surface literal level, but he understands what the core essence of it is."

Jenny Messerle

United States / Artist & Creator

Still have questions?

Check out the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions:

Is this a live cohort with a self-paced curriculum? How does it work?

How involved is Kevon?

How long would it take to go through the action-focused curriculum myself?

Where is the membership, Studio, hosted?

How often do you have Office Hours? At what time?

Is the community events APAC friendly?

If I discontinue my membership after the 12-month access, can I still access the course?

After my first 12 months, how do I renew?

Can I get a refund if I’m not satisfied with the program?

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